On April 30 the Prince or Orange becomes the new King of the Netherlands. There is an initiative called “My dream for the Netherlands” With Jan de Jongh we made a water dream called “Water King”. We hope that our country, more than now, becomes a leader in solving world waterproblems. We have knowledge from Delta works and Polders to low cost technologies like hand pumps and water filters that are fit to reach the so called “Base of the Pyramid”. An example is Nicaragua. 20 years after a water project there the country is full with rope pumps, 90% works and the extra income with these pumps is over 100 Million US$. This was started by Dutch NGOs. With large scale knowledge transfer we hope that the Netherlands will be active in reaching the goal of safe and enough water for all even before 2050. It would make the Water Prince a Water King! If you like the dream, vote on https://deeljouwdroom.nl/participants/15013 Click on “Steun deze droom” and then on your social media. With enough votes this dream will be part of a idea book for the new King.              Malawi. Waterfilter. 12-15 EuroNederland.  Delta werkenCheers

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