Malawi SMART Centre at the Rotary Convent in Sydney

One of the activities I am involved in is
Water training centres or so called SMART Centres
These centres have a range of new
low cost technologies and capacity to train
local entrepreneurs in production, marketing etc.

In Malawi a SMART Centre started at the University
of Mzuzu in 2012. The Dutch organisation
Connect International supports with technical advice and
funds come from Aqua 4 all and Rotaries clubs from the
Netherlands and USA.

To demonstrate the activities of this centre and to
investigate interest for support, we presented this
project at the Rotary Convent, a yearly event that this
time was in Sydney. Visitors of the stand were amazed
by the simplicity of the Rope pump of which there was a
working model. Also other technologies like a
water filters were shown.
The project concept "Assist a village,

(3000US$ for a water point and training)
was well received, so we hope that Rotaries or others
will support this.

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