70.000 Rope pumps in Nicaragua

Recently I was back in Nicaragua where we (my wife Gerda
and children Chris and Sita). lived for 11 years
It is the country where the commercial approach of the Rope pump started
in 1990. Technology was improved and local workshops were trained in
production, installation and…. marketing.

Now there are some 70.000 pumps produced by local workshops
Some 50.000 Rope pumps are used by families and the accumulated

incomes of all families was 100 Million US$ over the last 12 years.
Due to time savings, less health related cost and productive uses families
that have a pump on their well earn 220US$/yr. more than families who
draw water from their well with a rope and a bucket.

Rope pumps supply over 40% of the rural water supply and
its introduction has reduced cost by 60% as compared to imported
Piston pumps. Repairs are simple and low cost and spares are
available because of the local private sector who is producing.
A "profit based sustainability"

Since some 10 years this goes on without any development
organisation. Pump producers sell to government, NGOs and private families.
With a Rope pump they climb the water ladder and generate income.
Could Nicaragua become an example of a sustainable water supply?
More information on www.ropepumps.org

Rope pumps FAQs 20-11-2013 .doc

Sustainable Water supply. Nicaragua 15-5.doc

The Rope pump. 40 yrs experience. 10-10-13 .doc

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